TheMovieDb API – Part 8 – Show me more info!

Quickly open android studio! Welcome back to this series on implementing TheMovieDb API. As always remember all the code for this series will be in this GitHub repo today we are setting base to show off movie details!

Let’s begin! First since we are doing test driven development we want to keep our implementation separate, in other words, business logic outside of the UI. Create a MovieDetailsContract interface with the following:

public interface MovieDetailsContract {

    interface View {

        void setMoviePoster(String moviePoster);

        void setMovieBackdropImage(String backdropImage);

        void setTitle(String title);

        void setOverview(String overview);

        void setPopularity(Double popularity);

        void setReleaseDate(String releaseDate);

    interface UserActionsListener {
        void showMovieDetails();

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