TheMovieDb API – Part 3 – Helper, helpers

Welcome back to this series on implementing TheMovieDb API. As always remember all the code for this series will be in this GitHub repo today we are going to set up what I like to call “tool chain” classes, just popped out of my mind, this classes contain methods that will make checking things like network status a breeze. Don’t worry today post is shorter o you can recap on the previous parts. Let’s begin! Continue reading “TheMovieDb API – Part 3 – Helper, helpers”

TheMovieDb API – Part 1

It’s API time and TheMovieDb api is one of the best for learning and building an android application that connects to a REST service, saves offline through a Content Provider and can be unit tested thoroughly.

We will do it by parts so everyone can enjoy the full ride. I will assume you have already install Android Studio 2.0 from the official website. The code will be on this GitHub repo so you can view/download/doItYourself on the go.

First we will do a super refresh and create our android project, go ahead and launch Android Studio and click “Start a new Android Studio Project”

Android Studio
Android Studio

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