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So it’s 2016 and Android is over 8 years old now since its first release 1.0. One can say that many APIs (Application Package Interfaces) have come and go in it and even that lots of blogs have arisen with the basics on this exciting and dominating mobile platform.

Android currently stands, in my opinion, mature where we don’t need guides about the basics, rather how to implement the more advanced stuff, this being Fused Location API, Advance Content Providers, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing and all that that implies and more.

Hopefully though the days to come you fill find such guide within this blog and bookmark/share with your friends and colleagues.  The content here will be very varied from Intents all the way to Location APIs and even encryption to continuous integration tools like Jenkins.

From now on you can expect daily content from Monday through Friday that will help you build your next android application and go beyond the limits with it.

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Joel Sosa

Author: Joel Sosa

Android nanodegree holder | Graduate Student @GeorgiaTech CS Interactive Intelligence | @gdgpuertorico Organizer